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Crochet Bunny Pattern

Crocheting stuffed animals is a super fun way to bring a little bit of joy into your life 🙂

One of the most popular animals to crochet is a cute little bunny. Not only are they adorable, but they also make great baby shower or birthday gifts! In this post, I’ll walk you through this easy rabbit crochet pattern.

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rabbit crochet pattern

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Who doesn’t love bunny rabbits!? These adorable, floppy creatures are a breath of fresh air, and crocheting one with your own two hands will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Whether you’re a crochet pro or a total newbie, we’ve got you covered with this easy-to-follow guide to crocheting your very own little rabbit friend. So grab your hooks & yarn and let’s hop into this adorable rabbit crochet pattern!

Bunny Crochet Pattern Supplies


  • Sc = single crochet
  • 2tog = 2 stitches together
  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch(es)


  • The number in parentheses at the end of each step is the number of stitches that round should have. Counting your stitches at the end of each round will help you make sure that you didn’t miss a stitch and are on track with the pattern.


1. Slip knot. Ch 2.

2. Work 6 sc into second chain from hook (6).

3. Work 2 sc in each st (12).

4. Sc 1, 2 sc x6 (18).

5. Sc 2, 2 sc x6 (24).

6. Sc 3, 2 sc x6 (30).

7. Sc 4, 2 sc x6 (36).

8. Sc 5, 2 sc x6 (42).

9-13. Sc (four rows of 42).

14. Sc 5, sc 2tog x6 (36).

15. Sc 4, sc 2tog x6 (30).

16. Sc 3, sc 2tog x6 (24). 

17. Sc 2, sc 2tog x6 (18).

18. Sc 1, sc 2tog x6 (12).
*Pause and stuff the head.

19. Sc 2tog x6 (6). 

20. Sew the hole closed and hide the yarn tail inside the head.

bunny crochet pattern free


Make 2. 
*Leave a long tail prior to your slip knot – you will later use this to sew the ear to the head.

1. Slip knot. Ch 2. 

2. Work 6 sc into second chain from hook (6). 

3. Work 2 sc in each st (12).

4-13. Sc (nine rows of 12).

14. Sc 1, sc 2tog x4 (8).

15. Sc 1, sc 2tog x3 (5).

16. Sc 2tog (4).

17. Sew remaining st together and hide yarn tail inside the ear. 

rabbit crochet pattern


1. Slip knot. Ch 15.

2-5. Ch 1, turn and sc 15 (this makes a rectangle).

6. Sc around the rectangle, working 2 sc in each corner stitch (36).

 7-19. Sc (twelve rows of 36).

20. Sc 4, sc 2tog x6 (30).

21-26. Sc (five rows of 30).

27. Sc 3, sc 2tog x6 (24).

28. Sc 2, sc 2tog x6 (18).
*Pause here and stuff the body.

29. Sc 1, sc 2tog x6 (12).

30. Sc 2tog (6).

31. Leaving a long tail, sew the hole closed. You will use this tail to sew the head on later.


bunny crochet pattern free


Make 4.

1. Slip knot. Ch 2.

2. Work 6 sc stitches into second chain from hook (6).

3. Work 2 sc in each st (12).

4. Sc 1, 2 sc x6 (18).

5-9. Sc (four rows of 18).

10. Sc 1, sc 2tog (12).

11. Sc 2, sc 2tog (9).

12-24. Sc (twelve rows of 9).
*Pause and stuff the foot. Don’t put any stuffing in the skinny part of the leg, just in the foot at the bottom.

25. Sc across the top of the leg to close. Leave a long tail to use for attaching to the body.

bunny crochet pattern free


Tail is optional. If you prefer a floppier bunny, feel free to skip the tail – but if you want your bunny to sit up more easily, the tail helps to offer support. It can look cute to make the tail in a different color 🙂 

1. Slip knot. Ch 2.

2. Work 6 sc into second chain from hook (6).

3. Work 2 sc in each st (12).

4. Sc 1, 2 sc x6 (18).

5-9. Sc (four rows of 18).

10. Sc 1, sc 2tog (12).

11. Sc 2tog (6).
*Pause here and stuff the tail.

12. Sew the hole closed, leaving a long enough tail to use for attaching to the body.

crochet bunny free pattern


First sew the ears onto the head, and then sew the head to the body. Attach the legs to the body and finish with the tail.

To add a face, use embroidery thread to stitch on a nose and eyes. I recommend stitching on the face details (instead of using safety eyes) so that the bunny is suitable for young children.

bunny crochet pattern

Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern For Beginners

This crochet bunny can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Children will love snuggling up with their new soft friend, while adults can appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into each bunny.

A crochet bunny can be customized to suit any personality or style. You can having fun making a whole family of bunnies using different colors or sizes of yarn, or even add on little accessories like a scarf or a bow tie!

Making a crochet bunny is a great way to tap into your own creativity and enjoy the world of crochet amigurumi. Crocheting can be a therapeutic and relaxing hobby, and following along with this rabbit crochet pattern can be a fun and satisfying project to undertake. 

Finally, making a crochet bunny is an eco-friendly and sustainable gift option. Unlike plastic toys or mass-produced items, a crochet bunny is made from natural materials and lots of love!

In conclusion, this bunny crochet pattern is perfect for beginners and makes a great gift for loved ones. It is a timeless and classic snuggly toy that is sure to be a hit!

I hope you enjoyed this crochet bunny pattern!

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