Men’s Shirt Refashion Project

What’s up guys!? I’m so excited to share today’s refashion project, because it is SO rewarding to make something beautiful out of something that you wouldn’t expect!

Today I’m going to share how I turned this…

refashion men's dress shirt

…into this!

how to alter a men's shirt to fit a woman
men's shirt to women's shirt refashion

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So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Men's Shirt Refashion | How To Alter A Men's Shirt To Fit A Woman

I bought this shirt at Goodwill. I loved the fabric, and it was a men’s size XL so there was plenty of room to work with to create something new.

This would be an awesome project to do if your husband has some old button-downs lying around that he won’t miss… not that I’m suggesting stealing your husband’s clothes for craft projects, but that’s not NOT what I’m suggesting… 😉

men's shirt refashion

Anyway, if you don’t feel like committing theft you can pop on over to your local thrift store. Men’s shirts (in L/XL/XXL sizes) are the perfect candidate for refashioning projects, since you’ll have more fabric to work with.

Supplies needed for this men's shirt upcycle:

Now, on to the instructions!

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface, and cut off the sleeves. I use these Fiskars fabric scissors and they’re AWESOME.

mens dress shirt upcycle

Next, chop off the top of the shirt (from about an inch above the pocket & upwards).

men's shirt refashion ideas

Turn inside out. Fold the front top part down and cut across the back, creating a straight line from hem to hem.

diy men's shirt refashion
men's shirt refashion tutorial

Pin along the sides to make the desired width of your shirt. I recommend doing a basting stitch at this point so you can try on the shirt and make sure you got the right fit.

The sewing machine I used for this project is the Singer Fashion Mate – it’s a fantastic machine for beginner sewers since it’s not too complicated, but it also leaves a TON of room to grow as you develop your sewing skills!

Once you feel comfortable with the new seams, sew them down with a sturdier stitch. I recommend a zigzag cross stitch to prevent fraying.

Trim off the excess fabric.

upcycle a men's shirt
upcycle men's dress shirt

You can cut and trim the neckline of the shirt to your desired style. I left mine with a straight-across neckline, but a sweetheart or v-neck would look good too. Pin down and hem along the top perimeter of the shirt.

At this point, my shirt was a little long in front, and so I trimmed and hemmed a couple inches off the bottom. I left it long in the back.

men's button down shirt refashion

For the straps, cut two strips out of your discarded fabric. I was able to cut two 1.5in x 18in strips out of the top pieces from the shirt that I’d cut off at the beginning. Fold the sides in, then fold in half and sew shut.

upcycle men's shirt to women's

Once your straps are ready, pin them onto the shirt. Try the shirt on to verify you’ve got the placement and length right.

how to make a men's shirt fit a woman

Before sewing the straps in place, we’re going to add elastic to the sides in order to ensure a better fit around the bust.

Cut two small pieces of elastic that will help bunch the fabric between each strap and the side hem.

Sew down the straps and the elastic.

how to upcycle a shirt
men's shirt upcycle

Turn right side out.

Now that’s a lot cuter than what we started with, isn’t it!?

how to alter a men's shirt to fit a woman

I have a few more men’s shirts (from Goodwill, not from my husband… he won’t let me near his clothes, lol) that I plan on chopping up soon! Stay tuned for more refashion projects 🙂


men's shirt refashion

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